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In this instalment of ‘Spotlight On’, we talk to Kay, one of the two directors at Squeezed Media. She’s been around since day one and has helped the company expand from a team of two to a flourishing workforce of ten.

To read more about Kay and Rich’s journey with Squeezed Media, check out our first blog post here.

I thought you could start by talking about how you ended up as a director at Squeezed Media.

I was lecturing in a Further Education college teaching English when I decided that I wanted to start my own business. I set up an Eco Service and tried to juggle both jobs. My business grew really well so eventually I dropped teaching. Around about then Rich decided to start his business, Squeezed Media, and I started to help out.

At the beginning, I wrote the scripts and helped on some of the shoots. It was just me and Rich working on productions. When it started getting busier, I decided to come in full time. So that’s how I ended up here. My role has changed dramatically, from being really involved in production to working more on the business side. I’m not really involved in anything technical – the last editing I did was analogue!

What’s the best thing about the job?

Being surrounded by creative people. I like the energy. And as Squeezed Media is a small business, I’ve got a lot of freedom. I also love the ideas stage of a project and getting involved in the creative process. We’re not very hierarchical at Squeezed Media so anybody can get involved if they want to. All ideas are welcome.

Bearing in mind Squeezed Media is fairly young, what direction would you like to see the company going in?

It would be great to see our corporate clients embrace creativity even more. We’d like for us to be known as the agency that bridges that gap between the corporate and the creative.

 Do you have plans to expand Squeezed Media?

I think growth is inevitable if you’re successful. Squeezed Media has grown a lot since we started in 2009. It’s a difficult balance because when you take on more talent you risk losing that intimacy with the team. Personal relationships in the office is really important to us. We want to grow but we also want to keep the things that make us Squeezed Media. 

 Lastly, do you have any favourite animations?

Hong Kong Phooey as a child and Coraline in more recent years.