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Let’s take a look at the term ‘animation’.  Maybe your mind has conjured up images of classic animations such as The Jungle Book or more recent 3D epics such as Toy Story.

Despite being a proven marketing investment, the idea of animation often frightens business owners. The thought of investing a Hollywood budget into their marketing strategy shuts them down before you can say “Mickey Mouse”.

If they’d taken a chance to investigate the possibilities animation can bring, they’d learn that ‘animation’ in the digital world is actually just a term used for any type of “manipulation of electronic images by means of a computer in order to create moving images”.

You must have seen the ‘scribe’ or ‘whiteboard’ animations that have been so popular in the last couple of years. Perhaps you’ve seen the fantastically elegant Apple animation, which, through affordable, downloadable software, uses abstract shapes and design to convey a message.

Here at Squeezed Media, we have sourced and employed talent that can take your stack of information and turn it into an engaging and affordable piece of content. Alongside being a piece of art in its own right, our videos will explain what you do and sell your services, too. Whether you want to present yourself as part of a bigger project or wish to market yourselves as experts in your field, Squeezed Media has got you covered.

At Squeezed Media we know that not all animations are equal. There’s no point in creating a stunning, photorealistic 3D animation if you just want to convey a lot of statistics-heavy information. Neither would you want a simple infographic animation to convey the inner workings of your latest watch that is being brought to market.

It’s not surprising, then, that a comprehensive brief at the start of a project is vital. Once we have a full understanding of what you want to achieve, the next stage is to develop a script. We have content writers with pens poised, ready to conjure up scripts that convey your key messages in an interesting and engaging way. This might end up as voiceover or onscreen text.

Once you’re happy with the script stage, we’ll then develop a look and feel for the animation. We’ll send over a few design options. This is where we discuss the style and make a decision whether we go 2D or 3D.

After we agree on a style, the search for music and a voiceover artist can begin.

Following this, we’ll get started on animating the video. We’ll keep you updated along the way by delivering sections for approval.

After any amendments (two are free of charge), we deliver the stunning end result and it’s your’s to use how you desire.

So there we have it: Hollywood standard at an affordable cost. No expensive crews, location-scouting, or travel expenses.

Animation is the way forward, and more and more clients are seeing the benefits it brings.

If you require animation services or would like some advice, then why not visit us at our Bloomsbury-based office?