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Happy Valentines Day

Tomorrow is the 14th of February which of course is Valentine's day and to celebrate, we are going to show you some of our favorite Valentine's Day images from over the years. The Simpson's I Love Lisa:   Winnie The Pooh: A Valentine for You:   But of course who can forget the Peanuts Classic: Be [...]

Pantone colour of the year

Pantone Colour of the Year In a year where the purple association with the Suffragettes is all around us, we’re loving the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 -  Ultra-violet - a blue-based purple. Leatrice Eiseman, Exec Director of the Pantone Colour Institute says “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and [...]

Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage Squeezed Media are celebrating 100 years of Women voting in the UK by voting ‘Our Laura’ designer of the day with her cool representation of this momentous event and the brave and determined women who made it happen.

2 Christmas Charity Animations Worth Shouting About

Animated videos are exceptionally skilled at delivering emotions. They're able to make us laugh just as quickly as they're able to make us cry (Pixar's Up, anyone?). And, according to Dr Karen Nelson-Field in Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing, videos that produce a strong emotional response in a viewer have double the chance of being shared than those [...]

The Animator’s Christmas Wish List

With only 41 days until Christmas, I asked a couple of the Squeezed Media animators what animation-related gift they'd most like to find under the tree on Christmas Day this year. The results were just as wacky as you'd expect. Here's what they said... Sketch Wallet Suggested by Dave At risk of stating the obvious, the [...]

Squeezed (Social) Media

How much energy do you put into your social media? Whether it's for your brand or your own personal use, each social network site has unique benefits when used wisely. We thought it might be useful to make a blog post detailing exactly what and where our Squeezed Media social media accounts are so you can find us [...]

Saluting the Officer Cartoonist

This week, we wear poppies in remembrance of all those who gave their lives in battle. In this poignant time, we at Squeezed Media would like to take a moment to commemorate the work of the prominent wartime cartoonist, Bruce Bairnsfather (9 July 1887 – 29 September 1959). Born in Murree in India in 1873 to an Army family, [...]

Boost Your Sales Through Animation

A number of businesses today are exploring different avenues to reach their marketing targets. Whilst some try to promote themselves through social media and search engine optimisation, others use animated video services. Intrigued? Read on to find out how these videos are able to offer your enterprise a boost. Ideal For Every Venture [...]

This Blog Post is an Apple Seed

This blog post is an apple seed. Well, not literally. We’re talking in metaphors here. A quick catch up, courtesy of Wikipedia, may be in order. You might be wondering just what this has to do with animation in the first place. Well, animated videos trade in metaphor. Animation + Metaphor = Happy [...]


In this instalment of 'Spotlight On', we talk to Kay, one of the two directors at Squeezed Media. She's been around since day one and has helped the company expand from a team of two to a flourishing workforce of ten. To read more about Kay and Rich's journey with Squeezed Media, check out our first blog post [...]

A 146-Year Old Case Study

With Bonfire Night just a few days away, there’s one phrase you’ll no doubt hear every now and then: Remember, remember the fifth of November. This is a line taken from a poem called ‘The Fifth of November’ written in 1870. It celebrates the foiling of Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up the House of [...]

Distracted? Here’s 4 Music Genres To Cure That

A ringing phone. The whirring of a printer. Chat from the water-cooler. An email alert... There’s plenty of noises to distract you in an open-plan office. The easiest solution is to put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and listen to your favourite playlist. However, there's been much debate over whether or not it’s productive to [...]

Top 8 Soho Lunch Spots

At Squeezed Media, we’re lucky enough to be situated on Dean Street in Soho, London. Not only are we slap bang in the middle of a very creative district, we're in walking distance of an enormous range of lunch spots. You see, in order to create jaw-dropping animations and motion graphics, we need to eat well. [...]

Halloween Special: 7 Scariest Animations

With Halloween just around the corner, we at Squeezed Media thought it was as good a time as any to compile a list of the scariest films, shorts, or episodes we could think of. To keep the post at least somewhat related to what Squeezed Media is all about, each submission had to be animated. And, as [...]

Make It Count: The Sixty Second Script

When it comes to creating an explainer video, it pays to keep it brief. Data published by Wistia has shown that if your video is under 60 seconds, you can expect 59% of viewers to watch the whole video. On the other hand, a video that runs between 1-2 minutes will only keep 49% of [...]

No Laughing Matter: Humour In Animation

Blog Occasionally, a client will ask us to create an animated viral video for them. A viral video is a clip that’s shared and spreads like wildfire across the internet. Most of the time, they become a hit because they capture a completely improbable event. Take Fenton the Labrador, for example. [...]


Blog In this instalment of 'Spotlight On', we have a chat with Squeezed Media's junior graphic designer Laura and motion graphics designer Dave about the process of character design and more. Read on to see what they had to say... How did you both end up working at Squeezed Media? Laura: I [...]

Affordable Prices, Hollywood Standards

Blog Let’s take a look at the term ‘animation’.  Maybe your mind has conjured up images of classic animations such as The Jungle Book or more recent 3D epics such as Toy Story. Despite being a proven marketing investment, the idea of animation often frightens business owners. The thought of investing a Hollywood budget into their marketing [...]

Sound Design in Animation

Blog You can have the best animators, artists, and writers in the business working at your disposal, but without a skilled sound designer, you’ll end up with an average video at best. You see, sound design isn’t just about sound effects; it’s about music and voiceover, too. Use it effectively, and you’ll bring an [...]

Spotlight On: JAMES SIMS

James is Squeezed Media's resident cat-fanatic, junior motion graphic designer, and video producer. We took him aside for a chat about his career so far. How did you end up at Squeezed Media?  I originally used to work at a school as a marketing production manager doing all the school’s promotional material. It was [...]

Keep It Professional

Blog Us professional animation studios have been facing a fair amount of competition thanks to the rise of in-house studios in the past few years. With software and equipment becoming cheaper and more accessible by the minute, companies are becoming more hands-on when it comes to motion graphics, believing they’ve found a way [...]

To V(R) or Not To V(R)

When we think of VR (virtual reality), the word ‘utility’ doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. Instead, we think of fairly gimmicky gaming technology or bald white men in Silicon Valley staggering around wearing clunky headsets. However, recent advancements have revealed more and more potential uses for the technology. The figures look optimistic. By [...]

Want To Work In Animation Production?

As the saying goes: the less you notice the amount of work gone into a job, the better the work that’s been done. With that being said, it wouldn’t be fair to disregard the efforts of each individual behind a slick animation video. Let’s take a look at the experts an animation team comprises [...]

The Power of Plain Language

Everyone can relate to the feeling of dread that hits you when you see a dense wall of text. It can be hard to digest all the information at once, be it in a museum, legal document, or website. With that in mind, I’ll keep this brief. One of the most effective ways to deliver [...]

W1D: Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be?

At some point during the creation of a business, business owners are faced with a difficult decision. Is it better to place your business in lively central London and risk blowing your budget? Or save money by having it in a different city but risk losing out on the opportunities that the Old Smoke might [...]

Whiteboard Animation: Putting the Bored in Whiteboard

Ah, whiteboard animation. Clear, quirky, informal… and dull. These animations were a huge hit when they first hit the internet six or seven years ago. Nowadays, they’re seen as a bit old hat. They more or less follow the same formula across the board. A person stands in front of a whiteboard and draws a visualisation [...]

Become Animated When Conveying Your Business Objectives

You own a business. You have a budget. You want to get the ball rolling. Where to begin? We at Squeezed Media would say the best place to start is with an animation. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? You might have a few questions regarding how investing in animation could benefit your business. [...]

Your Employees Are Your Company – Never Forget That

Blog When we decided to start Squeezed Media back in 2009, we had no idea what was in store. If we had, maybe we never would have gotten it off the ground. I say this because back then the company was composed of me, Kay, a video camera, and an edit computer. [...]