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No Laughing Matter: Humour In Animation

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Occasionally, a client will ask us to create an animated viral video for them.

A viral video is a clip that’s shared and spreads like wildfire across the internet. Most of the time, they become a hit because they capture a completely improbable event.

Take Fenton the Labrador, for example.

This 46-second bit of mobile phone footage has amassed 15m views and lead to a book deal since it was first uploaded in 2011. A viral video means big business, so you can’t blame a client for wanting to commission one.

The trouble is, you can’t just engineer a viral video. If you had no budget or deadline, you could, technically, keep a camera rolling until something weird happened. But even then, you couldn’t guarantee the end product would have that magic ‘viral’ ingredient.

Of course, there’s not much room for a fluke event in animation when everything you see is created and planned meticulously with numerous drafts and storyboards.

What animators can do, however, is create an animation that people will want to share – and it’s unlikely that it will be a fact-heavy explainer video.

The Best Medicine

Videos with a sense of humour are far more likely to be shared. And, when they’re made well, they’re an effective way of teaching a viewer something new. One study discovered that those who view comedy news programmes such as The Colbert Report are more informed about current affairs than consumers of serious news broadcasting (What Americans Know: 1989-2007).

Combine humour with animation’s ability to transform complex data into something engaging and you’ve got yourself a video that will communicate your message whilst entertaining the viewer at the same time.

Not convinced? I don’t believe you. I can’t be alone in having learnt most of my general knowledge from episodes of South Park.

Here’s a showreel of some of the ways the designers at Squeezed Media have injected a bit of fun into our animations:

If you want to see how we can help you find the humour in your corporate message, then go ahead and drop us a line at