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Us professional animation studios have been facing a fair amount of competition thanks to the rise of in-house studios in the past few years.

With software and equipment becoming cheaper and more accessible by the minute, companies are becoming more hands-on when it comes to motion graphics, believing they’ve found a way to cut some costs.

However, whilst anyone can buy the necessary equipment, not everyone can create great animation. And, as that this blog post will show, there’s quite often some hidden costs when it comes to buying software and equipment.

Whilst it does benefit us here at Squeezed Media to explain the benefits of using a professional company over in-house animators, the facts, as you’ll soon see, don’t lie…

So. You’ve bought several computers, and some tablets to go with them. You hire a team of in-house animators, and work out their salaries. These animators will need some software, so you buy that, too. But buying software isn’t a case of biting the bullet and making one large payment. It tends to have monthly subscription fees. Adobe Creative Cloud, for example, costs £53.20 per user each month, and that’s excluding VAT.

Combine that with the fact that you might not be creating more than 2-3 motion graphics videos a quarter, and your decision might not have saved you as much money as you once thought it would.

In-house animation does have a place, but when it comes to promoting your brand or business, it’s a safer and smarter choice to leave the work to the professionals. First impressions are crucial, so why even take the risk of ending up with an animation that’ll cheapen your image?

Providing you’ve done a little research, choosing a professional animation studio means you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up with an animation that’s far superior to something an in-house studio would produce. With talent, expertise, and state of the art equipment, they’re not called professional for nothing.

If you’re looking to make a sound investment and end up with a quality animation at the end of it, why not drop us a line at