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Make It Count: The Sixty Second Script

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When it comes to creating an explainer video, it pays to keep it brief.

Data published by Wistia has shown that if your video is under 60 seconds, you can expect 59% of viewers to watch the whole video. On the other hand, a video that runs between 1-2 minutes will only keep 49% of viewers for the whole duration.

If crossing the 60-second mark drops the completion rate by 10%, then your explainer video shouldn’t run for much longer than a minute.

All Bark No Bite

If you’ve only got 60 seconds to work with, you’re going to have to be creative with your script. And that’s not an excuse to cram in as much information into your video as possible…

According to the Record Holders Republic, the fastest speaker in the world is a man named Steve Woodmore. He can speak at 637 wpm (words per minute) – that’s four times faster than the average speaker.

It’s an impressive skill, no doubt. However, it’s not one that will land Woodmore work reading voiceover scripts in explainer videos.

You see, explainer videos are all about breaking complex ideas down into manageable chunks for the audience. The best way of achieving that is by delivering the information slowly.

Economy of Words

The average person speaks at 180 wpm. However, a minute-long explainer video can contain even less words. A 160-word script, for example, gives the voiceover artist freedom to expand on the script by adding in various pauses and emphases – both effective ways of bringing a message to life.

And, by limiting yourself to a 60-second timeframe, you’ll be forced to edit the script down to the best bits.

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And, if you haven’t already, check out our free downloadable guide to creating an animated explainer video.