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This Blog Post is an Apple Seed

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This blog post is an apple seed.

Well, not literally. We’re talking in metaphors here. A quick catch up, courtesy of Wikipedia, may be in order.

You might be wondering just what this has to do with animation in the first place.

Well, animated videos trade in metaphor.

Animation + Metaphor = Happy Customer

Let’s face it, the brain’s working memory is limited at best. We either need to commit something to memory, or you use tips and tricks to really get it fixed in our head. That’s where metaphor comes in; it’s one of the best ways to help a viewer understand and remember content in a video. Relating a product or concept to something material that a consumer already knows about goes a long way in building understanding.

Interestingly, the more unusual the metaphor, the more likely you are to remember it. And, as we’ve discussed in this blog post here, choosing animation over live action video means the imaginative possibilities are endless.

It’s far easier to create an unusual metaphor through animation than through live action video.

Animation, it turns out, is a fantastic medium to portray metaphors with.

Picture this. You’ve been asked by a client to create an advert for paracetamol. You decide to represent a migraine sufferer’s experience as being sat in a small rowing boat during a storm. Clearly, you’d save far more time, money, and energy by animating it.

But What About the Apple Seed?

Ok, ok. I ought to explain myself. What is the connection between this blog post and an apple seed? What am I trying to get at through the metaphor?

In writing this Squeezed Media post, I’m planting the seed of an idea. It’s a small idea, but with enough care and attention, it has the potential to grow into something big. It might even give you something back in the end, too.

If you’d like to see how Squeezed Media can take your idea and make it blossom, call us at +44(0)20 7836 3677 or drop into our office in Soho for a coffee and a chat.