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Whiteboard Animation: Putting the Bored in Whiteboard

Ah, whiteboard animation. Clear, quirky, informal… and dull.

These animations were a huge hit when they first hit the internet six or seven years ago. Nowadays, they’re seen as a bit old hat.

They more or less follow the same formula across the board. A person stands in front of a whiteboard and draws a visualisation of the product or concept they’re trying to explain.

Over the years, whiteboard animations have evolved with the subtle aid of animation and CGI.

When made well, it’s an effective and fun way of communicating a message to an audience. After all, there’s a reason it became so popular in the first place.

Yet, this is part of the problem. Simply put: whiteboard animation is a victim of its own success.

Whiteboard animation became so popular in the first place because it was such an unexpected style choice. Whilst most animators were busy trying to be as innovative as possible, the creators of the whiteboard animation went back to basics. Using such a dull emblem of office life was ultimately the most radical design choice a designer could make – and it payed off.

Today, whiteboard animation’s hand-hewn, lo-tech charm looks pretty insincere when considering its mass usage.

Yet, there’s something telling about the way in which an audience was charmed by this mock old-school style. It says something about the cyclical nature of trends in animation.

No doubt whiteboard animation will become so unpopular that to use it again will be progressive. And so the cycle begins once again. It’s the way trends work.

Just look at flared jeans.

Finding the best style for your animation doesn’t need to be stressful. If you have a stack of information that you need to communicate in a creative and engaging way, why not get in touch with us over at Squeezed Media?

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