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Your Employees Are Your Company – Never Forget That


When we decided to start Squeezed Media back in 2009, we had no idea what was in store. If we had, maybe we never would have gotten it off the ground. I say this because back then the company was composed of me, Kay, a video camera, and an edit computer. Perhaps most significantly of all, we didn’t have a single client.

Some might think this was a foolish move. Some might say that leaving a secure, well-paid job to begin on a road that started with a brick wall was short sighted. I’d probably agree but hey, life’s a risk. It’s there to be directed (and filmed) as you want. It is, as they say, “not a dress rehearsal”.

I digress.

The reason that I mention this is because I want to establish the fact that in 2009 we didn’t have a business. What we had was a name, an office and a good deal of determination.

The first few years were taken up by us doing everything: filming, editing, motion graphics, and scripting. This was not only stressful but pretty ill-advised, too. Mistakes were made and quality was jeopardised. This dragged along until we finally made the leap and employed somebody full time to help us transform the company from a “hand to mouth” enterprise into a business with real potential.

Employing our first member of staff was a risk. We hadn’t even made sure there was enough work to justify the expense. But, as we soon discovered, a quality employee who you take care of will want to work with you. Ultimately, they will create content with pride. They’ll be encouraged by the progress the company makes.

The clients kept coming back and we began to create a portfolio that we were proud of. We used it to gain more clients, and the ball started to roll.

We soon needed another employee. This time, we were careful in our decision process, as we’d set the bar so high for our creative content. Our clients had grown used to such a standard – how could we let them down? We found the right person for the job, and the standard was kept high. Now, however, Squeezed Media had a new strength: we could offer fast turnaround.

At first, I was concerned about how far we could push our new staff. The need to reach deadlines on time and within budget with only minimal resources could, understandably, send them running out the door.

But, by nurturing a respectful office environment and communicating properly with our staff, we made the conditions work. Our staff wanted to be at the office. They were keen to offer ideas and solutions, and felt secure enough to ask for advice.

Now, in 2016, Squeezed Media is a company of ten people made up of individuals who want to work for us. They’re treated with respect, and their vision is one that matches what Kay and I envisioned at the beginning.

In 2009 we had a dream. In 2016 we have a business to be proud of. Without our eight additional employees, we would never have reached that point.

Thank-you to all of you.