Corporate Communication Post-Pandemic

Corporate Communication Post-Pandemic

We don’t want to speak too soon but with the end of our current lockdown in sight we have started to consider the ‘new normal’ and what this means for businesses and their communication methods. With the anniversary of the first lockdown, we are well accustomed to the different ways of communicating and staying connected.

The Change in Communication

From a communications perspective, we have seen first-hand the fundamental importance of having a strong digital strategy in place for your communication plan; keeping your team and clients connected and engaged, or communicating with consumers and your audiences. So now, as companies prepare for life after lockdown, they are thinking about what their post-pandemic communications will look like.

The Rise of Animation

We have seen a substantial shift in the way companies are communicating since the start of the pandemic, with a rush of companies really pushing their digital marketing and advertising. Here at SQZD we’ve found that now more than ever clients are requesting animation more and more.


The perfect example of this rise in animation was the Christmas adverts in the UK. Christmas was a very unusual time for many people in 2020 with most of us having to switch up our traditions to fall in line with the restrictions and this was no different for the companies creating their adverts.


Many companies were quick to realise this. The John Lewis executive director, Pippa Wicks, back in September, said their advert would be “Covid-appropriate”. Traditionally, the majority of Christmas ads have been live action videos with a strong emphasis on people coming together for the festive period. This year it was different, with many creators opting for animated videos, all with a very different message. Due to restrictions in filming and production, these companies had to alter their usual methods and try something a little different.


The growing popularity of animation doesn’t stop there – it’s been seen throughout companies’ marketing plans across their social media networks and websites. Animation allows companies to think bigger and push the boundaries within their usual marketing.

Life after Lockdown

Fortunately for the video production sector, the animation industry survived the pandemic mostly unscathed with an increased demand and appreciation for their services. Now, as lockdown restrictions slowly ease, it means video production companies are able to film with greater freedom. It will be interesting to see if companies will still opt for animation in their digital marketing and advertising strategy plans or whether we will see a sudden burst of live action videos being created.