At sqzd. we push ourselves creatively at every available opportunity, and during rare periods of downtime, we enjoy creating brands and marketing materials for products and services we do not typically work with. This type of work ensures we keep pace with the latest animation techniques, plugins and trends.


The Brief

The brief was an internal one, meaning we had the unique chance to create a brand, write a thought-provoking script, compose a dedicated music track and create some visually striking 3D elements. The brand we created was Econic, a noise-cancelling headphone brand made from 100% recycled materials.


The Approach

Econic is a headphone brand therefore we knew an immersive music track which accentuated powerful bass, precise midtones and energised highs was required. This track formed the basis of our animation and we timed the motion and copy to the beat of it. We used industry-standard plugins such as X-Particles to build some of the key scenes, strengthening our knowledge base in this area.


The Outcome

We believe we have created a beautiful, visually rich and relevant 3D animation that harmonises organic and sustainable elements alongside technology visuals. This is packaged inside a brand that has a clear tone of voice and a unique look.