Edmonton Green

We worked with EG Consultation on a redevelopment project for Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. Due to the Coronavirus situation and lock-down the developers were unable to meet with local residents, tenants and community leaders to share their proposals; therefore an overview video was required.


The Brief

The brief was to demonstrate that the new owners, Crosstree, have listened to the Edmonton Green community about what would make their shopping centre a better place to visit. From this, it was discovered that there was a need for improved lighting, better security, refreshed aesthetics and a community garden; the video was to highlight all of these things but also to encourage residents to have their say on their community's future.


The Approach

We wanted to demonstrate the diverse community Edmonton Green has in a unique set of illustrated visuals. This included a series of character designs which were simply but elegantly animated, some stylised scenes of the shopping centre and some supplied materials and visualisations which we edited to fit in with the design style.


The Outcome

EG Consultation has had a strong response through its website, with community members sharing their opinions on the proposed plans. At sqzd. we are proud to assist an up-and-coming area such as Edmonton Green by ensuring its residents feel valued.