Freshly Squeezed October – What has the animation studio been up to?

Remember we talked about social recession in our ‘It’s a Mad World’ blog post? Well… In October we were ridiculously social as a studio with two nights out in London. 


SQZD. team build - curved balls and chicken wings.

None of us actively play golf but due to a certain member of our team living in the enviable proximity of the Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving Range and their sheer persistence, we had our long-awaited team social there. 

We found out that Cem can hit a ball one-handed further than most people’s two-handed efforts! Rich and Calum can only hit balls towards the right,  Maisie and Aaron love Tequila Rosé, everybody can inhale multiple chicken wings and never try to take a selfie as the sun is going down.

Halloween Spectacular - haunted cells and 10 bells.

After a brilliant day discussing our business strategy for 2023, the future movements of our animation studio and our new office in London, we embarked on a haunted pub crawl of devilish delights, with some spooky history told at each place and a memory game, which most of us were rubbish at after a few drinks.  


We visited the prison cells underneath the Viaduct Tavern pub, now conveniently converted into a store room for bottles and kegs. We meandered down the cobbled streets to the Rising Sun, which was closed, so we made haste to the Hand and Shears (very Sweeney Todd) for more horrible histories. And finally a trip to the Jack The Ripper favourite The 10 Bells for more spooky stories and a quiz to check we were all listening! Maisie won the quiz and tickets to see Stranger Sings and Bex killed it on the memory game and took home the Chocolates – a fantastically frightful evening in London town, with all of the animation and video studio present!