Holly's Fish

This project was produced in-house at sqzd. in collaboration with London-based poet Hollie Irvin. The animation aimed to raise awareness of plastic waste devastating our oceans.


The Brief

The brief was rather open as this was a non-profit project in an environmental area which we feel strongly about as an agency.


The Approach

It was created using a mix of 2D, 3D and frame by frame animation, using textures created with a photocopier. We like to touch base with key issues and use the power of storytelling to communicate difficult, complex topics in an engaging and accessible form. Our passion for creativity and purpose is regularly practised and prioritised by our creative team.


The Outcome

The animation was well received at a number of screening and online portals, and what was produced is thought-provoking, creatively different and goes someway to raising awareness of the core issue.