How To Cut Through The Noisy Media World

How To Cut Through The Noisy Media World

The media landscape is becoming more and more saturated with content, making it harder than ever to cut through the noise. Whether you’re creating short form for social media, producing tv ads, or everything else in-between, the competition has never been so fierce. 


No content is guaranteed success. No matter how much you plan, you can never be certain how audiences will receive your work. It can change day by day, project by project, and trend by trend. But there are sure-fire ways to give you the best chance of getting your content noticed.


The team at SQZD have compiled their top tips for using your content to cut through that noisy media world.

1. Stand Out

We’re not saying you need to go completely against the grain and leave all conventional methods of communicating with your audience behind, but trying something new and pushing those boundaries is a great way for you to stand out. 



A company’s marketing technique that illustrates this well is Aldi with their Twitter campaigns. In a recent fall out with M&S, they have turned a potential copyright lawsuit, involving their chocolate caterpillar cake Cuthbert, into a fun playful campaign on Twitter. People are now rallying behind them with a #freecuthbert trending across the country. Not many companies would be as brave to turn this potentially damaging situation around but it’s paying off, and their brand image remains as strong, if not stronger.


How to Cut through the Noisy Media World

2. Have A Voice

It sounds simple doesn’t it, but executing your brand voice can be difficult, and if you’re not doing it well it can be doing more than harm than good. It can often come across as false, and that leaves your brand feeling quite inauthentic. 


It’s a real opportunity for you to show your audience your personality and give them an insight into your brand or business. Here are a few examples of companies pulling this off perfectly.



How to Cut through the Noisy Media World

Brewdog is often the first that many would think of when asked about great branding. Every post, action and communication seems to be perfectly executed. They’re reactive, conscious and have an authentic brand voice that many can relate to.



How to Cut through the Noisy Media WorldHow to Cut through the Noisy Media World

Ikea’s brand voice feels warmly familiar, like a family friend. They share relatable content that people align their own personality with, and when it comes to purchasing home products consumers already know where they will be going.

3. Create Compelling Content

Compelling content is a very broad term and what makes it compelling is even more complex.


However, a great place to start is video content. In a 2016 report by Facebook, over 100 million hours of video are watched every single day on their platform, and that has only increased in the years following. The benefits of incorporating video are endless, but if you want some hard facts, a study by Insivia found that “95% of the message is retained from a video compared to 10% in a text”. With consumers bombarded with so many different messages daily, you want yours to be the one they’re taking in. 


We’re specialists in video production at SQZD, whether it’s animation, live action, motion graphics, or a mix of all three, so we really can help bring your ideas to life.