LØCI® takes the vegan sneaker trend a step further! At SQZD. we are interested in sustainability and innovation, so we tasked ourselves with producing a high-end 3D animation for this emerging brand.


The Brief

The brief was an internal one, which meant we had the opportunity to uniquely bring the sneakers to life. 'Nothing out of the ordinary is the slogan of LØCI® meaning zero plastic or animal products, with the sneakers only made from ordinary waste materials. We knew a very identifiable and arresting visual treatment was required for such a groundbreaking product.


The Approach

We heavily researched the LOCI® brand and wrote a script based on their core principles and slogan, our 3D team then brought the materials to life by live capturing the physical trainer and rendering abstract landscapes based on the woven texture, reflective quality and sustainable materials that make up the sneaker. We then produced a bespoke audio edit and edited the dynamic camera angles, beautifully textured models and applied effects, edited to the beat of the music.


The Outcome

When art meets science, we can visualise a new way to live, and this ability to imagine is key to achieving sustainability goals. This brand film successfully fulfilled LOCI's need for a factual and fashionable film. The piece won a 2022 Lovie Award in the Animation and Video Category.

Winner in the Animation and Video Category.

Area - Retail/Sustainability

Services - Scripting, Design, Animation, Direction