London Stock Exchange

TV Advert

As part of the London Stock Exchange rebrand, we were tasked with filming and producing a new TV advert for them.


The Brief

The request was to craft a strong visual narrative that demonstrated their unique position of being at the heart of the global economy. To do this their new brand had to be the centrepiece, with a dedicated script informing the viewer of their values and purpose.


The Approach

Our intended shooting style focused on slow-zooming, front-facing shots with their shield being a visually striking centrepiece throughout the advert. We wanted to create something that not only referenced London but also other relevant global locations. Much time and effort were spent on researching the best filming locations and sourcing relevant stock assets to tell the story, and we had to be very critical in determining the flow, pacing and intended look of the piece.


The Outcome

The TV advert has been a great success with prime scheduled spots on a number of financial news TV stations. The end result is a high-level advert that seamlessly blends over 10 location shoots and a range of stock assets that have been stylised in an emotive, inspirational and brand-led way.

Working with Squeezed was a fantastic experience, thanks to the team’s creativity, tenacity, and exceptional ability to mobilise and deliver within 6 weeks! We couldn’t be happier with the result – the team really helped us bring our brand message to life!

Area - TV, Broadcast, Advert, Finance

Services - Scriptwriting, Videography, Editing, Motion Graphics, Production