It’s a mad world… working at an animation studio

…and we all play our part in it. World Mental Health Day was this week, and we attended MAD World Summit to find out how we can look after our friends, colleagues and also ourselves.

Mental health in statistics

With 1 in 4 experiencing mental health issues in our lifetime, 50% of all staff sick leave being linked to stress, and a worrying statistic that 75% of us do not seek help when we need it is something that we want to try and change.


Here are some of the tips we learned that may help other animation studios; burnout, creative fatigue and changing work environments in a post-pandemic world can be challenging – not just for a video and animation studio, but for all workplaces. 


1. Top up your reservoir of well-being – simply put, you have to look after yourself before you are in a place to help others. We all have mental health and it’s about recognising that and taking time to reflect often.


2. Prevention is better than reaction – the simple things are often overlooked, especially in the workplace. Try and spot the signs in your teams and yourself before they manifest or become too much, and don’t be afraid to speak up.


3. Avoid social recession – this is very apparent in remote or hybrid working environments, and it is something we have been guilty of at Squeezed. Try your best to meet up as a team, have fun and form relationships in a non-working environment. Strong social connections can make asking for and offering help to others easier. 


4. Mental health is dynamic and contextual – there will be days when you will excel, thrive, be slightly unsettled, really struggling or in complete crisis! It is important to realise that mental health and well-being are a continuum and change often. Celebrate the good days and ask for support on the days you struggle.


We know these are all simple things, but if anybody did read these and wants to have a chat our studio door is always open.


Peace and love


Everybody at Squeezed Media