More Good Days

We collaborated with Havas and their client Nutrica to create a collection of 3D animations that educate cancer patients on the value of healthy eating while undergoing treatment.


The Brief

The client came to us looking for an expressive but realistic window into the world of a cancer patient that would show their emotions, anxieties, and daily dietary struggles.


The Approach

We produced a series of style frames and references for the client and it was decided that a 3D character animation would best serve the ambitions of the project. At sqzd. we know the importance of a good script and that music is half the picture, therefore we worked hard initially to ensure an emotive tone throughout.


The Outcome

The animation technique used was specifically crafted to be low-cost but high-end in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal, with subtle moving character models, stylised 3D environments and effective music throughout. The customer was pleased with the animation, and many patients watched it too. Knowing we have the potential to help those in need makes us very happy.