People Stories

At sqzd. we have a great working relationship with PA Consulting and a recent project we produced for them was called 'People Stories'.


The Brief

We were asked to produce and direct a series of interviews with PA staff to get an insight into their motivations, the team cultures around them and how they have overcome recent challenges in light of working from home and the global pandemic.


The Approach

We wanted to film grounded and real-life responses, and to do this we had a multi-camera setup which filmed from several static and handheld angles. We allowed the camera to film every second of their respective interviews to provide options in the edit.


The Outcome

The final edit really does demonstrate the drive and ambition of PA Consulting, with the b-roll footage playfully capturing the nuances and personality of the teams within. The project is called 'People Stories' and we believe we have told many stories from the people working at PA.

PA Consulting

I'm emotional watching it all back, brilliant!

Area - People/Society

Services - Scripting, Design, Animation, Direction