Squeezed Media wins top award

Squeezed Media is London's 2022 Best-Reviewed Video Production Company.

For over 13 years, Squeezed Media has been delivering high-quality creative content in video, animation and design. Since its inception, their in-house team has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and companies direct from their studio in London. Clients include Ferrero, PA Consulting, Havas Media, Getty Images, Expedia and Deloitte plus many more. 

What did we do to win it?

To give this award context, The Manifest is an independent business news resource designed to help browsers navigate different B2B industries. The site’s inaugural awards celebrate top firms that have strong relationships with their respective clients. Every awardee is chosen based on the number of superb ratings and testimonials over the preceding twelve months.

Thank you

“It is an honour to be recognised as London’s best-recommended and reviewed service provider award by such a trusted industry resource. We have worked very hard for our clients and to have these strong relationships recognised is wonderful. Thank you for every rating, review and testimonial from everybody at Squeezed Media” – Richard Irving, Director
Freshly Squeezed August

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