Tech Works is all about getting businesses ready for the future and Deloitte required an immersive, dynamic and engaging animation that demonstrated this technology hub which is based in Bristol, UK.


The Brief

What does tomorrow look like? This was the question Deloitte tasked us with answering. Tech Works is a highly collaborative space with a broad appeal throughout businesses therefore we have to disseminate a lot of information into a digestible and engaging script centred around this very question.


The Approach

Our aim with the animation was to create a feeling of constant forward momentum; a future that is constantly revealing itself. On our journey we see things that we zoom towards, that then disappear out of frame. We see creative people working with engineers, we see ideas being created, and technologies being applied to different sectors. Everything needed to interact and flow together. We pushed the Deloitte brand guidelines to create an immersive animation style that moves through 2D and 3D elements seamlessly, iterating ideas into physical objects.


The Outcome

For Deloitte, this piece was hugely successful and is frequently used as a standard bearer for future projects.

Its been good working with you all at SQZD.

Area - Technology

Services - Scripting, Design, Animation, Direction