To communicate the new narrative of LSEG's flagship product, LSEG Workspace, we created a 60-second video and accompanying photography campaign, for use across web, mobile, social and digital advertising, to position the tool as a leader in its space.


The Brief

The client came to us with a need to communicate the new, simplified experience for every LSEG Workspace customer, across Investment Banking, Sales & Traders, Wealth Advisors, Academia and more. The Workspace solution offers unmatched insights, news and analytics, underpinned and driven by data. It was crucial to LSEG that the video represented their wide range of communities, showcased the power of the data and visually communicated the LSEG Workspace tagline, "Supercharge your impact." We agreed on an approach that would require a live shoot, 3D animation for the product interface and 3D particle animation to represent the "data."


The Approach

LSEG's marketing and creative teams delivered a script and some static mock-ups. From there, we developed a storyboard that combined hand-drawn frames for the live-action shots and 3D style frames for the product interface. We had less than three weeks from kick-off to our shoot date and then around another 3 weeks after filming to complete the video, so production had to be managed seamlessly. A major focus of pre-production was talent selection. It was a priority for the client that the talent accurately reflected the Workspace community and was able to confidently execute dynamic and choreographed movements, so we worked with a broad range of agents to source and contract suitable actors and dancers. Our head of animation and VFX supervisor worked closely with our creative producer and director to ensure that each shot would allow accurate rotoscoping and compositing without compromising composition or style. Once the edit was picturelocked, the real particle work could begin. Our team of animation experts and compositors worked brilliantly to bring the piece together, combining live-action footage, x-particle assets, 3D interface elements and 2D graphics.


The Outcome

The team at LSEG were thrilled with the final video and were brilliant throughout the process, with constructive and timely feedback and a wonderfully collaborative approach. The video has been cut-down for socials and repurposed for wider use and can be seen across various paid, organic and not-for-broadcast channels.

"[Thanks to the team] at Squeezed, it's rare to find an agency of your capability that is also truly collaborative and willing to bring the client into the process like you did, and help us manage difficult feedback from our stakeholders. Look forward to working with you guys again on the next one!"

Area - Financial Services

Services - Creative Development, Live Action Filming & Directing, Casting, Photography, 2D & 3D Animation