You Want To Work In An Animation Studio?

You Want To Work In An Animation Studio?

In today’s busy marketplace, everybody needs to stand out, make a splash and prove that they are the right fit for the role.


As I love pudding, I can confidently use the phrase “the proof is in the pudding (eating of)”. It might look good and tasty on the outside, but that doesn’t guarantee that the actual consumption will match what you’re expecting…


This especially applies to the animation and design industry – it’s very easy to make yourself look great on the outside (great showreel or portfolio of work) but if you can’t deliver the goods in the real world, then the illusion is quickly shattered, and the taste is ruined!


We have had our fair share of designers who have presented fantastic showreels that would stand up next to the top studios, only to find out that most of the work wasn’t theirs; they only had a small role in the delivery of the main production. 


Or we’ve employed the services of a freelance motion designer, who has put themselves out as a professional, only to find out at the end of the day that they just can’t deliver – this not only puts the studio in jeopardy, but gives the industry a bad name.


So… how do you ensure that you are employed as a valued member of a studio? 

Honesty, openness and a willingness to learn and ask questions. 


Never assume anything, and always check in with the producer or creative on a regular basis to ensure that what you’re creating is what is expected.


A great designer might not have a brilliant showreel, and to be honest, we now only look at the showreel as a small part of the decision process. 


As I mentioned above, the proof is in the pudding’ and it doesn’t take long for someone to evaluate your true ability.


The most important thing to us here at SQZD. is that you are willing to add your input, be open about your skillset and abilities, and flag up when you need support.


We are a team here, and the most important thing to understand is that the output from SQZD. is a representation of the team and not just one person. 


You’re going to be at work for a long time so it’s important that you also find the right fit for you.


Be true to yourself, don’t oversell your abilities as it will be very transparent, very quickly, and be humble.


Going freelance seems to be the ultimate goal for most designers, but a good grounding in studios as a full-time member of a team will give you the foundation and confidence to go out alone – selling yourself too early can be detrimental to your reputation…


Just my tuppence worth. 

Rich Irving – Director